10 tips to maximise your coaching experience

You did our non-scientific quiz and decided to get a coach – now what? Here are our 10 top tips to maximise your coaching experience. Tip One: Choose your coach carefully Isn’t that obvious, I hear you think? Well yes, and here are some pointers to get you going. Ask for recommendations from friends, family, […]

coaching quiz

What coaching client type are you?

Have you always wondered what it’s really like to work with a coach? And would you like to know what type of coaching consumer you are yourself? For a bit of Friday fun, take the below non-scientific quiz and find out your coaching client type. Jot down the number of your answers as you go along. […]

The cost of underestimating stakeholders

In 1995, Greenpeace led a campaign to stop Shell from retiring a redundant oil storage facility, the Brent Spar, by sinking it into a trough off the coast of Scotland. The campaign raised the question of whether the creatures on the seabed could be considered to be stakeholders. A global debate erupted and took on a political hue while stakeholder theorists were having […]


Humility in leadership, blah blah…

If I was given a penny for each time I read or heard that humility is key to authentic leadership, my accountant would be one happy lady indeed. Humility: [mass noun] The quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance: ‘he needs the humility to accept that their way may be better’ […]

surprising things coaches do

We coaches are full of surprises it seems! Today I had no less than four different conversations in which I mentioned something that I do as a coach that surprised the other. It made me think how much of what I do is part and parcel to me and new to other people. Here are some of the […]

The 12th Man

Voting in 2016 shows just how much stakeholders matter

If there is anything 2016 has taught us so far – and we still have seven weeks of it left! – it’s how understanding our stakeholders can make or break our ambitions. In the wake of the latest political upset, the US presidential elections, another camp is engaged in head scratching and soul searching. How […]

Tina Marshall, organiser of Oxfordshire SOUP

The SOUP is served fresh and hot

  Continuing on the theme of networking, the highlight for me this week was without a doubt attending the very first OxfordshireSOUP in Witney. SOUP? Originally from Chicago and firmly taking root in cash-strapped Detroit in 2010, the SOUP concept boils down to locals growing local businesses collectively through innovative crowdfunding. A brilliantly simple concept which was […]

shadows of people on cobblestones

The trouble with business networking

Last month I delivered a workshop about business networking to one of my business networks. It is a little bit flattering to be invited to share some networking insights with a network, and so I made sure to create a few handy little tools for delegates to take away from the workshop‎ in a bid to […]


Transformation is in fashion

Maybe it’s the time of year, and we can that feel spring is in the air and we’re ready for some  dramatic change… Have you noticed how many television programmes are about transformation of some sort? Just a quick look at BBC iPlayer reveals these: Homes under the Hammer – a long-running property renovation show The Great Interior […]

Mug with the letter Q

Networking, 007-style

Like many business owners, I spend quite a bit of time on networking. Opportunities to meet other businesses and make new friends are plentiful in the Thames Valley and beyond, especially once you’ve made it onto the mailing list of a few networking groups – it snowballs from there. ‘Everyone hates networking’ Funnily enough a question which […]